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Scarlett English

Scarlett English is a crazy cat lady who likes solving murders. Or, actually, make that a dog lady. Much to her chagrin the police have never sought to consult her which is why there seems to be so much unsolved crime, especially—surprisingly enough—in the small English village where she lives. So, armed with curiosity, a penchant for taking in strays, a love of homemade wine and a good gossip, she puts her detecting talents to good use murdering her imaginary friends, and solving the case one story at a time.


Paws for Murder by Scarlett English

Welcome to Adlebury where village life can be downright deadly. Veterinarian Petronella Knight seems to have it all. A job she loves, good friends, and patients who adore her. But when she gets into an argument with dog breeder Gladys Harrington, and she finds the woman dead, she also finds herself accused of murder. Ella will need all her friends, including the new and very handsome American policeman, and all her sharpest sleuthing skills to figure out who murdered the dog breeder before another dead body pops up. Paws for Murder contains one enthusiastic amateur detective with a penchant for rescuing animals, a guard duck called George, a large amount of homemade gooseberry wine, and a very confused American who has never met an English village quite like this one. You’d be Barking Mad to pass this one by.

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Probable Paws by Scarlett English

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